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About Me

I'm Annie Rumbles, thanks for coming! I created this website for a few reasons:

  •   I wanted to save some money and avoid a website builder
  •  I wanted to learn to build my own website
  •    I wanted my photos to still exist somewhere
  •    I wanted a place to put some thoughts... whether that's a good idea is yet to be seen *sweat emoji*

My professional resume can be found on LinkedIn (go find the button yaself!) - all I'll say is I'm a data engineer and I really, really like it. I'll focus on who I am as a person.

I was born in England and moved to Boulder, Colorado when I was 5 years old. With that came a pride in being both English and American that I continue to carry while also reconciling these histories with colonization and colonialism.

The comfort of a pub, sharing beer with people I love or people I've only just met, is something I try to replicate here in Denver, which means I frequent breweries in search of the comfort and "homeliness" - and often succeed.

My days consist of some amalgamation of watching football (soccer), both mens and womens, with a leaning to women's football; taking my two wonderful dogs, Tetley and Lupine, on a walk or hike with my lovely partner; reading lots and lots of books; trying my hand at woodworking; listening to podcasts and other audiobooks trying to learn some stuff; having therapy trying to learn about myself.

I'm not sure what life is all about, but so far it seems like community, creativity, and experiencing things that allow you to feel are the current front-runners.

Thanks for comin'